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Whatever your views are about your leadership style, there are always opportunities to develop new skills

Leadership Development

The CS4U Leadership Programme

This programme will:

         Runs for 9 months, it offers high quality provision and the chance to work with like-minded individuals from different organisations and sectors facing similar challenges and sharing a common environment of operating conditions comprising local, national and global elements.

         Encourages and enables every participant to work on their own priorities.

         Provides a framework and a series of support activities; the application and real learning will be experienced back in the workplace.

         The topics and agenda will be tailored, prioritised and developed through feedback of participants as the programme progresses.

         Participants are challenged, stimulated, supported and enabled to deliver the changes that they identify as necessary for them and their organisation.

         Participants are asked to identify a specific area of work that they can develop as a project to use as a vehicle for applying their leadership skills over the time of the programme. This project needs to challenge the individual to operate beyond their normal boundaries, this may well mean a project that operates beyond the limits of their organisation and requires collaboration with different organisations, leaders, and sectors. Project may also be developed in conjunction with other participants of the programme.

The programme includes:

  • Full day workshops (7 days)
  • Alternate bimonthly one to one coaching (3x 90 min sessions per participant)
  • Bi monthly 3 hr action learning events that can be used to help develop strategies to address immediate and current barriers to progress (up to 3 sessions per participant)

7 core areas of leadership we will focus on:

  • Leading by example
  • Creating the vision
  • Turning vision into reality
  • Setting direction - developing the route map
  • Working with others
  • Keeping things going
  • Making things better

In addition to spending time on the 7 core areas, the full programme will dedicate time to address the following topics:

  • Developing self
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Leading change
  • Strategic business planning
  • Developing communication skills
  • Building relationships
  • Developing people
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Developing sales and marketing capability
  • Energy, ethics and environment build sustainability into your business/organisation

Optional extra: ILM accreditation

There is an opportunity for people to take the Level 5 Award or Level 5 Certificate in Leadership through the Institute of Leadership and Management, in partnership with Phoenix Consultancy.  Please ask for details about this aspect of the programme.

What commitment do we ask for?

In order to maximise the benefit for all participants, applicants will be selected based on their ability and willingness to commit to the full programme. Attendance of workshops will need to be prioritised. Coaching and action learning will be by negotiation and in line with the needs of the individual and their organisation.

What commitment do we give

Our single focus will be to enable every participant to identify and take the actions they need to take them and their organisations forward with confidence clarity and commitment. Our purpose is to build leadership capability and cooperation in and between smaller organisations across the area.


Committing to the programme will require 10 monthly payments of 150, or a one off payment of 1,350 to include all provision.

There is an additional cost of 375 for people who want to take the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 Award in Leadership, and 475 for people who want to take the Level 5 Certificate in Leadership.  Please ask for details about these options.

For every 5 people that register for the programme, we offer a subsidised place to a volunteer.  We are expecting to have at least 2 places available for volunteers for this course.  Please make it clear on your registration form if you are interested in one of the subsidised volunteer places.

Who are we?

You can either get a sense of us by looking at this website.

Better still come and meet us and form your own opinion.  Get in touch to arrange a time.