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With many thanks to Surajit for this inspiring story:

"Four of us, me, a public interest lawyer, two doctorates, and one teenager, who was an illiterate boy we had rescued from child labour, had gone for night stay at a mansion in the outskirts of Bengal.

We were actually the team sent early to prepare the mansion for a project meeting for delegates who were to arrive the next day.

At night, we were all sleeping on the same four poster bed (it was built for Nawabs and could hold eight like us).

There was a mosquito net around the bed and tied to the posts like a canopy, and there were many mosquitoes. While the boy slept like dead, none of us could sleep because there was a hole in the mosquito net through which mosquitoes were entering and biting us. We kept up almost half the night trying to kill mosquitoes with our hand and there was no sleep.

At about the middle of the night, the boy woke up, saw the plight of one lawyer and two doctorates. He took in the situation, went to the corner of the room and brought some art paper rolls that were there for notices and banners. He put two rolls together like a long pipe with a rubber band. He made another hole in the mosquito net close to the orginal hole, and put in the art paper pipe from one hole to another.

Now the mosquitoes were getting in through one end of the pipe and getting out through the other. We killed the few mosquitoes that were still inside, and then had our sleep.

I have never forgotten the practical intelligence shown by that illiterate boy to solve the problem, which we, even being higher educated, couldn't, because we did not have stitching material, and the only viable solution to us for getting rid of a hole was to close it somehow either by stitching or patching. It never occurred to us to make another hole and put in a pipe from one hole to the other. I guess the mosquitoes were more puzzled than us at what was happening."

Surajit Sen Sharma, Propreitor at clonerscafe, Ahmedabad Area, India

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