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Charlie Mitchell speaks at Coaches Connect

Charlie Mitchell gives an overview of Strategic Intervention at the Coaches Connect event More

Tom Levitt announced as guest speaker...

Tom Levitt will be speaking from his national perspective on cross sector working... More

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Creating Space For You CIC

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Coaches Connect 

20 June 2014, 9 – 5pm

The Leeds Club, 3 Albion Place, Leeds

At the heart of Coaches Connect lies the rich diversity of perspectives shared and gained from coaches coming together. Whether you work in the public, private or third sector as an internal coach or an independent coach, it is a fertile meeting place to stimulate thinking, to expand world views, to have rich conversations, to share good practice, collaborate, network and learn.

Calling all Coaches

Now in its 4th year, Coaches Connect is celebrating this diversity and putting YOU at heart of it. This year we want you to:

1. Share your expertise, learning and experiences by presenting a case study (if you can bring your client that would be even better) in one of the following areas:

  1. Culture/organisational change
  2. Leadership
  3. Business
  4. Personal, change, transition
  5. Teams or groups
  6. Career

2. Engage in powerful dialogue through structured networking and world café conversations

Charlie Mitchell from Creating Space For You (CIC) will be giving a presentation on Strategic Intervention in coaching and how she has used it to help clients gain a different perspective on their work, using a case study from one of her clients.

Attending: If you would like to be part of this energetic and inspiring day of sharing, connecting and learning, please keep the 20 June free. This is a not for profit event and the price is to cover the costs of the day. Tickets are £65 and you can book by clicking here.

Address for correspondence:

  • PO Box 626, YORK YO26 0EY 

Registered address:

  • 35 Argyle Street, York YO23 1DW

Registered Company No: 07437951

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7 reasons you'll love doing business with us.  You will be able to:

  1. Generate more income by supporting the development of your best assets: you and your staff
  2. Inspire and motivate your staff to become the best they can be
  3. Empower your staff to be creative, innovative and support you in driving the business forward
  4. Help your staff to gain a different perspective, remove barriers and accelerate their success
  5. Access a range of flexible options including bespoke courses and nationally recognised qualifications for you and your staff
  6. Connect with others from different sectors - you may go on to do business with them!
  7. Bask in the warm glow, knowing you are also supporting charities and social enterprises through our bursary scheme, as part of our commitment to give something back

Here is further information about who we have worked with and their feedback.

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